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Originally Posted by Chris_Mav View Post
Bought a advent 4 port glow hub today ... it isn't working, it lights up but it wont power usbs anyway of making this work?
Powered hubs are the way to go with MacOS. A search for the Advent brand shows me that the 12.99 one has a power supply. I note that the reviews of the Advent aren't exactly complimentary.

Maybe you need to install drivers. Does the Advent have an installer CD with it, and is it Mac-compatible? It should be, it's just a peripheral hardware item, and OS X accommodates numerous peripherals without the need for added drivers.

Check your System Profiler (in either Applications or Utilities) and choose USB. See what items your Mac system says are connected.

This may seem obvious, but try connecting the USB hub in one of these different ways:
1. Power the hub on first, plug some USB peripheral (eg. flash drive) into it, and then connect the hub to your computer USB port, Mac computer on
2. Plug some USB peripheral into the hub (off), plug the hub into your Mac (off), then power the hub on, and then start your Mac (you can interchange those last two)

You might then try other variations on which is switched on or plugged in first.
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