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I'm looking to buy an Airport Express Basestation so that I can listen to music in another room away from the Mac but can't find any information about connectivity.

1) Does the Basestation come with any audio leads? All the information I've found so far either states that they don't know or that it mentions that leads are needed but doesnt mention if they are supplied.

2) Assuming leads are not supplied, what lead would I need to buy? Looking at pictures of the bottom of the basestation there is a socket labeled analogue/optical. It looks to be the size of a 3mm mini jack which would explain the analogue bit (stereo mini jack to 2x phono) but how could you get optical from the same socket, isn't optical fibre optic??

3) Following on from the last question my amp has both analogue phono and digital (PCM/AC3) phono inputs (it's an old Pioneer VSA-E06 home cinema amp). Could I connect the Basestation to the amp via one of these digital inputs (obviously not the AC3 one but possibly the PCM?)?

As a separate question to those that have Airport Express, what do you think of it, does it work well, do you have any problems with the signal dropping out?
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