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Originally Posted by xstep View Post
Well, "Daniel Rogers' iDVD Widescreen Fix perl script" seem to do the job. It was simple to install and simple to run (especially since the Mac can run perl script natively something I did not know).

So following those steps accomplishes what I want it to do, play my 16:9 video in widescreen mode on a 16:9 screen, but signal the DVD player to letterbox the video if played on a 4:3 screen. This is done automatically with out any switching of mode on the TV or the DVD player just like commercial DVD's.

The million dollar question is if setting that byte is all that is required to get this functionality that so many people want why didn't Apple make that an option or something in iDVD. I noticed there were a bunch of threads on Apple's on forums about this and a lot of them pointed to this same article. So why not just fix it, it seems easy enough. (My question is some what rhetorical sense I am just happy there is an easy fix, but if you know why they won't add this to iDVD I sure would like to know. :-) ).

Thanks a lot for everyone's input, especially XSTEP.
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