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Hello as you can tell by my post count, and the specs on my computer, i am very new to the whole Mac computer thing.

I recently recieved an old G3 imac computer from a friend, and i've started messing around with it and have fallen in love with the OS, which is 8.1 i believe.

So anyway my question was, do you think my mac would be able to run photoshop?

Here's the specs incase i messed up on my profile
G3 iMac
96mb ram
4 gig harddrive (3.3 available)
I dont know what any of the other specs you might need to be able to tell so just ask and I can find out.

I dont know what the current version of Photoshop is for the Mac but i'm assuming whatever the highest is would be best.
If it is not able to handle it do you know of any version that would work for it?
Thank you in advance for all your replies.
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