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So a few weeks ago, my iMac started going very slow. I purchased it in December 2006 and up until a few weeks ago (late April) it has been my favorite computer. However, for the past few weeks, much to my dismay, it has been acting like a virus-ey PC. It has become extremely frusturating because doing just a simple task now takes much longer than it needs to do.

A few examples of what has been happening. If I'm on the internet, and I click on the URL bar to begin typing a URL, my cursor often freezes and turns into the "loading" cursor (that spinning thing) for 10-15 seconds before allowing me to proceed. The same thing happens when I click links. I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of videos on my computer, and ever since this problem started, all videos and music keep on freezing every 5-10 seconds. It's impossible to listen to a full song without it sounding like I'm listening to a scratched CD. Whenever I turn the computer on, it displays a blank desktop and the loading cursor for several minutes before my desktop items, toolbar and regular cursor. That's exactly how all of my crappy PC's used to act.

There are many other things that happen, but you pretty much get the picture that for some reason, the best computer I've ever had has been going really slow. Most Google searches I have done on slow Mac's have lead me to believe that I may be low on RAM, but I still have over 120GB available.

Now, I download a lot of music on my Mac. Not from P2P Programs like Limewire, but from sites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare, etc. Taking that into consideration, I realize that it's very possible that I may have some sort of virus or spyware, but I've read that there's very little (if any) viruses for OS X.

I'm not very good with computers at all, so if someone could possibly point me in a direction to save my Mac and return it to normal, it would be much appreciated.
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