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# After the Beta period, is Dropbox going to continue to be free to use?

We haven't fully determined a pricing structure yet, but the high level plan at this point is:

* Free accounts (on the order of 1GB of space)
* Paid accounts (likely different tiers of space allotment)
* Beta users will keep their accounts (with more storage than the free accounts) after launch
This is sweet. I guess beta users get 2gig while the free account when this thing goes public is 1 gig.

I like third party apps which blends into your system. I hope dropbox has a decent interface for our fellow windoz users.

I started a thread about using dropbox for security stuff.
Basically, an app I have called ivezeen is set to record video from my isight when it detects motion above a certain threshold and save it to . . .you guessed it, my dropbox folder. This way I can check up on my apartment when I am away and have video of anyone that enters even if they steal the computer.
You guys gotta checkout this thread

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