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Originally Posted by Mitcherooney View Post

This is just a shot in the dark.... have you ensured that you have movie fits into the TV 'Safe Area'? Just came across this in David Pogue's book 'The Missing Manual for iMovie6 and iDVD' page 359.

Worth a glance....

Cheers Mitcherooney
Thanks Mitcherooney....

I actually saw that article also, along with some similar ones which stated you need to make sure that the Themes (starting Menu's and etc.) are in the TV "Safe Area", but then the video it self it suppose to play in letterbox on a 4:3 TV. That is were I am having the problem. It is not putting the 16:9 video into letterbox, it is simply chopping the edges off.

From what I read this is a known problem with the themes, but the video is suppose to be ok, but does not seems to work for me.

I also saw some older article where it talked about changing some hex codes in the front of the DVD source to tell the DVD player to play in letterbox mode if it is a 4:3 TV (like professional movie DVD do) but there has to be an easier way.

It is really frustrating because I would like to shoot in 16:9 DV mode but I wish I knew the trick to playing those correctly on a 4:3 TV once there are burned to DVD.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thanks for the input.
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