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I have two t.v.'s. One is a 16:9 widescreen and the other is 4:3 standard tv. Both have DVD players, and when I play professional widescreen movies on them the 16:9 tv shows the movie in the widescreen format and the 4:3 tv shows the movie letter-boxed (black bar's over top and bottom of the pictures). SO far so good.

So, I shot some 16:9 standard def video on my camcorder, imported it into iMovie HD as "video format" "DV Widescreen" and edited it just fine. Then I created a new iDVD 6 project with "16:9" aspect ratio set and pulled over my iMovie 16:9 video. I burned the disk, and popped it into my dvd player on the widescreen and it played in 16:9 mode, but when I popped the same DVD into my 4:3 tv, the video was chopped off on the edges.

Now I have read a ton of post on this forum and what I could find on Google, and the solutions ranged from "there is nothing you can do", "to burning the movie to a DVD disk image and then manipulating some hex bytes on the DVD", and all sorts of other strange solutions. Is there no way to make iDVD 6 burn a 16:9 video source so that it will play in 16:9 mode on widescreens and play with a letterbox on 4:3 screens like professional videos do?

I just don't want to believe that you have to jump through all of these hoops to make that happen. How could Apple miss such an obvious bug, I am convinced I am doing something wrong? Has anyone had any luck getting 16:9 video burned with iDVD 6 to letterbox on a 4:3 screen automatically like professional movies?

Any help would be appreciated.

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