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Alright. Situation. I found an iPod touch, and I have been looking at it for about 30 minutes, going through contacts (none), favorites (none), history (none, no stored passwords/accounts), email (none), photos (none), map locations (like home, but none), About (Senior's iPod... closest thing to identifying owner), No matter where I look, I cannot find any information on who owns this darned thing. It is beautiful though... looks about 2 weeks old. But I can't keep it, it's $500. I want to find the owner! aghhhhhh. But I did lose my iPod 2 weeks ago... I'm jk. I'm trying to find out, is there any 'hidden' info on these things to find the owner? I thought of using the serial number... but I doubt Apple keeps logs of who bought what serial number from them, because it could be from any reseller. Any ideas?

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