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Originally Posted by samanthasmom View Post
OK, so I am not a real geek. But I am trying to learn

I have recently attempted to install bootcamp so that I can install XP on my mini. I ran the bootcamp assistant and chose my partition size and hit the "partition" button. It ran for a few minutes and then told me to restart my computer. I did so. I wanted to proceed to install windows, and so, per the instructions for installing windows, I reopened the bootcamp assistant. It didn't give me options other than to start from the beginning. since I made my bootcamp partition as large as possible, I didn't have enough space to repartition, thankfully, but it wouldn't let me go any further, and I can't install windows, and I know have only 5 GB on my OS X side. I know I can erase and start over, but I am wondering if there is another option. Any thoughts?


I've got the same problem, you can retrieve the space you wanted to allocate for win, just reboot from the os x install disk nr1 and then start disk utility, select the mac hd and hit repair. If it says it can't be repaired because it can't be unmounted, repeat clicking on repair till it starts to run.

As for the second part of the problem, I don't know what to do to be honest, as I am still facing the problem, and can't install win xp.


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