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Originally Posted by DaveDawn View Post
Hi, new here so be gentle.
The problem is using Safari 3.1.1, on Tiger and G5 Desktop, it loads pages so slow its driving me nuts.
I found out that disabling javascript fixed the problem and the pages now load as they should, except if a site is using Javascript buttons they don't work properly especially if they are text I can't even see them.
So what's going on between Safari and Javascript, I would like to enable Javascript and still have my pages load quickly.
Any help most appreciated.

Did you try iCab <> and its amazing filtering capabilities. On a site you go to everyday (like the "Dilbert" site), filtering out the crap and animations (crap is often javascript-related) enourmously speeds-up the rendering of the good stuff (like the Dilbert strip, free from its moving ads) FWIW

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