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My new provider installed cable modem & router. From the new router I connected an ethernet cable to my airport extreme base station (which had worked fine with the old set up, connected to another modem) An ethernet cable from the base station to the mac (OS X 10.5.2) works fine, so the connection is ok.

But: Wirelessly the base station doesn't work. I've tried resetting etc, but I can't solve the problem indicated by a flashing amber light & this error message: "Your Apple wireless device does not have a valid IP address. Make sure your Apple wireless device is connected to your broadband modem, verify your settings.." I set it to use DHCP, which I though assigned IP addresses automatically, so why do I need to set fiddle with this? Do I need to assign an IP address manually (if so how do I obtain it?).

Help! I am a non techie, & use make because I thought one was free of this hassle!
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