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My MBP was inside a messenger bag and the (tap) water bottle cap got loose and guess what, water flooded the 1/3 bottom of my bag (and yes, the MBP was in it).

The MBP was closed in standby mode, it was kept inside a foam-thingy case which got soaked as well. I have an iSkin ProTouch Keyboard cover so I think water didn't get intside the keyboard.

I immediately took out the battery and drained water out of my MBP. I also pressed the power button for 8 seconds after taking the battery out (as t his turns off all the electiric circuit???) The water got inside the vents (below the screen hinge). The top part of the laptop (DVD drive) and keyboard was dry and not affected by this accident.

I called AppleCare and they told me there's nothing they can do but advise me the nearest Apple Store where I have to take my MBP in. Now, I don't want to do this yet as I've heard successful stories from people who spilled water on their laptops and wait a few days for it to dry.

It's not just the laptop that got soaked but the power adapter as well. Now my MBP is sitting on my desk with the battery out and the power adapter separated (unplugged, ofcourse).

I really am not in the position to buy a new laptop or cover the cost of motherboard replacement etc. Is there anything else that I can do to make sure that my MBP will come back to life without any further issues?

I am going to let the MBP dry for 3 days (is this long enough?).

Thank you for any help. I am in absolute shock at the moment.
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