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Macman ~ spot on. Changed to snap to grip, located the icon and reset. Turned snap to grip off as it moved all the other icons around ! Reset again and the icon is just where I want it (being very picky here !)

Desolate one ~ it was a 1994 (Classic) UK Turbo. Competed in motorsport in it for a couple of years until the running costs got the better of me (hyrid turbo every 6 months), couple of AP Paddle clutches a year..... mind it was running approx 2 bar of boost (28 PSI) ! with crude ALS (Antilag)

Miss it a lot, loved it's sound and the way it went !
Just don't get me started on its gas milage, and the price of gas in the UK :robot:

I know its VERY off topic, but here she is back in 1999 / 2000

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