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Agree the install is a breeze. I first installed XP in a Boot Camp partition, then used the trial versions of both Parallels and Fusion. I am not a tech person in the slightest ... and it was idiot simple even for me! I ultimately went with Fusion (but both are about the same so no worries if you've already bought Parallels) - and like a poster above, once I realized how well the VM actually runs, deleted my bootcamp partition and stuck with the VM. You really only need boot camp if you absolutely, positively have to run Windows natively -- for example, if you are a gamer and need to use the MBP's graphics card to run a particular game. For productivity applications, it's not necessary at all. And, I agree that XP is fine with 512 MB. I started at 1 MB for XP and trimmed it after awhile. If you run many apps at once in the VM, you could think about 1 MB.

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