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I did not want to jump the Bootcamp thread regarding this issue, so sorry for the redundancy!

I need to expand the Hard Disk in one of VM's in Fusion. I know it can be done as I found the article on VMWare Fusions website. My only problem is my own technical short comings. I do not understand what they are telling me to do. I do not understand OS X well enough to try it, nor I am comfortable enough with the tech talk to think I know what they are saying. If anyone has done this before and can explain it to me, that would be wonderful! Think of it as trying to teach a 3 year old to to tie their shoes... yeah, I know, but I am learning fairly quickly (with the help of this forum, thanks). But hey, I was smart enough to buy a Mac instead of a PC. Thats got to count for something!

Thanks in advance everyone!
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