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Originally Posted by SammySlim View Post
Too bad - did you see the post in this thread re Aero? aero interface not available in home premium?

You might have to do something in windows itself if Aero is important to you. I wish you luck. You might also want to just email VMWare technical support or check their forums - they are probably a good resource. If you find a definitive answer, please post it back on this forum.

All the info that I can find is pretty old, circa mid 2007 or earlier, so I am not sure if the info is till accurate. Unfortunately, they point to not supporting Aero. It is not a big deal at this time as I was just interested in seeing the functionality of it. Below is a quote that I found that came as close as possible to answering the question, but, again this article was written in August 2007 (great article though on Fusion Vs. Parallels). Let me know if anyone comes across anything else....

"Both Parallels and VMware are working to improve support for Windows 3D graphics; both currently offer support for Direct X 8.1, but both current lack support for the newer Direct X 9.0 or 10 standards. As a result, neither will run many games and neither will support Windows Vista's Aero graphics effects".

Complete article link if interested:
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