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Oh I've been to the Apple stores...they tend to frown on people installing apps or messing around with system files. And believe me, if I had the cash to blow on a new G5 powermac I'd be all over that. But until then, I don't really have a choice. I don't do video, picture, or sound editing, or really anything resource intensive, so an old machine is not a problem. However if tiger is going to ship with a "no longer supports G3 powermac's codename "yikes" or G3 powerbooks codename "lombard"" then I'll at least go for an old sawtooth.

I do think though, and correct me if I'm wrong, that cutting off support for the blue and whites would also mean cutting off support for the G3 iMac's? So it is safe in that regard.

Plus, there are always processor upgrade cards, PCI Radeon graphics cards, the expandable ram (I've read it can go to 1.5 gigs)...plenty to keep me busy.
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