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Originally Posted by Tri3 View Post
I can not seem to see my Time Capsule any more. This morning I got a prompted that there was an update for Airport Utility Time Capsule Firmware 7.3.1. Anyway after loading the new patch, I couldn't see my Time Capsule any more. I get the blinking yellow light.

I tried resetting the Time Capsule and running through the Airport Utility, but no go.

OK I figure out how to fix the problem.

I had to revert back to an older version of the Firmware 7.3. The updated Firmware was 7.3.1. Once I reverted back to the older firmware I could see my Time Capsule again. Apple needs to fix this in the next Firmware release.

To Revert back
1. Click the Reset button on the back of the Time Capsule to reset the Time Capsule.
2. Run the Airport Utility - Located in Applications - Utilities folder
3. Click Manual Setup
4. Click Summary
5. Click on Version
6. Select 7.3 for the Upload version
7. Go through the Time Capsule setup again.
When i first hooked up my TC I had to update the firmware. Had no problem with that at all. I guess this is A User error.

Are you on Leopard?

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