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OK, here's the short list:
  • Style Sheet Editor - Something like TopStyle Lite (free!) would be great.
  • Acid 4.0 Equivolent - OK, I haven't fully worked with Garage Band so if you say it can do it all, then I'm fine. Acid did have some features that made looping really fast though. Any advice on a new direction to go would be great.
  • Sound Forge 6.0 Loop Editor - This tool came with Acid and let's you design your own loops and encode them. More advice on this would be great; I'm ready to go the Apple way on this one too.
  • C/C++ Compiler - Unix command line version is great or something with an IDE. I'd like to have cc for sure for terminal sessions just for the fun of it. Hopefully, there's some sort of freeware one because I'm not interested in programming for a living any more.
  • ThumbHTML (Win) - This little freeware application let you make thumbnails in batch from a directory of photographs. It even generated HTML code for display or slideshows. Very cool freeware program. Anything on Mac like this?

BTW, I will return to using a Windows machine if someone points a gun at my head but only then and I may have to think about it for a few seconds.
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