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That's why you sign a contract, so both you and the builder are locked into a price. If you add extras, upgrades or changes to the contract, then sure, it will go up.

If you are talking about when a builder starts building houses in one project and then finishes that project and starts a new one, even though they are building the same houses, it could be the price of land and many other things that need to be factored in.

When you get pre-qualified (I'm assuming you mean for a mortgage) then you should get pre-qualified up to the maximum amount that you can regardless the price of the house. For example, if you can get pre-qualified up to a max of $1,000,000 then you know to look for a house for less than this. Its always good to get pre-qualified for as much as you can *before* looking for houses. This way your hopes aren't crushed when you find that perfect house only to find out later that you don't qualify for it.

Just my 2 cents, but to answer your question, YES it does suck.

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