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Originally Posted by SammySlim View Post
Aero requires 3D hardware acceleration, if I remember right and won't work on any PC (Mac or PC) with only an integrated graphics chip. Should work with a MBP however, with the 3D box enabled. However, I own a MB (not a MBP) and have only installed XP, so I don't really know. I seem to recall some discussion on this forum - I would search for "Aero" and see what turns up. Good luck.
I have tried just about every configuration I can find (which does not exclude all of them out there), with no luck with Aero. I have tried with the 3D box both enabled and disabled, as well as max RAM usage and dual processors versus single processor (I have noticed things run a bit better using only 1 processor though). I think Aero is not a function supported via VMWare Fusion at this time. Someone correct me if I am wrong (and give direction on how to fix...

Thanks again...
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