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At the age of 5 and up, i was always fascinated with computers. I loved every bit of them, the technology, usefulness, and creativity that surrounded them.

In my 11th year, we got our first computer. A Gateway 450MHz. It was truly, a very very happy day. My world opened like never before, and my mind started to expand like fire with fuel.

Now, my 16th year, my 16th Christmas. 4 incredable things have happened. In order:
1. My Grandmother died
2. I got my Drivers License
3. I got a car

And now 4. I just ordered a 12inch powerbook!

Getting my license was great, and a car aswell. But when i placed my order for this sweet machine, i had a grin that would just no stop. My happiness and love for this holiday have sparked once again. No more of a gloomy warm one now. But one with a void so large that it took a laptop to fill.

I hate to brag on myself, but ive wanted a laptop since before our first computer. And now, its finnaly happening. My dreams are moving to reality.

Ill keep you fine people updated as the events move closer to the birth of Christ.


ps - drive safe
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