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OK, this may be long winded, so I will start by apologizing...

I have a MBP 2.6 with 2GB RAM. New to Mac and loving OS X. I do, however, have a need for Windows on a daily basis (work related). I use programs such as Visio, Quicken (Mac version is not great, I already tried it), Blackberry Desktop Manager, and Outlook. I have been using Fusion with XP SP2 since I have had my Mac and installed it under what I am guessing was the default settings for Fusion (512 MB RAM, 1 Virtual Processor, 20 GB space, Accelerate 3D Graphics unchecked). It ran perfectly! No issues, hangs or performance problems. Then, I got greedy! I decided to upgrade to Vista Home Premium. Yeah, as most of you reading this can imagine, it was all down hill from here. Vista is actually running, however, it is very slow and choppy and I can not get Aero to run. So, here is my 2 real questions for help!

1. Can I adjust the settings in Fusion to help Vista run better than it is, even to the point where it should be running natively (if possible). I can allocate more RAM, both virtual processors, and turn on the 3D graphics if it will make a real difference. But if it is only going to make a marginal difference I would rather not take the resources form OS X.

2. If the above can not be done, how do I remove Vista and go back to XP? The reason I ask this question is I am not sure if I can remove Vista and reinstall XP using the XP install disc or, do I have to wipe the Virtual Machine and re-install XP from scratch (I am hoping this is not the case).

Nonetheless, I appreciate any help and direction you all can give me. I hope to be as fluent with Mac, OS X and all their benefits to someday be able to contribute to the forum as much as I get out of it. You all do a great job.
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