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Originally Posted by Ripped85
I think i might have to get a lap top since my dorm room is lacking space. If im gonna get a lap top, i figure i should go mac..even though i never used one, but im majoring in business and i think most business oriented schools and work use macs...only thing is, i do EVERYTHING on my, games, webdesign, movies...can the gfx card in the 15" powerbook handle games and movies?
Movies yes, very easily. Games, yes, only thing is there really isnt the selection of games for OS X just yet. The number of games coming out for OS X is definitely increasing. Music is easy, itunes is a very good music player, and well web-design is great especially with a student discount on Macromedia Studio MX. the graphics card is a radeon 9000 with dedicated video ram, not shared with the system ram.
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