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... just change the channel!

I'm running a new 24" iMac and a MacBook Air off of an Airport Extreme Base Station. I was finding the signal to be strong, but unreliable as it would suddenly drop both computers for no apparent reason. It would take anywhere between 2-20 minutes to reconnect and was frustrating.

One call to Apple (I am new at this) and the tech recommended I change the channel from the factory setting, which I think was 1, to channel 11. The tech said the problem was likely interference from other devices in the area as I live in an apartment and that switching to channel 11 remedies this problem most of the time.

I've now been on channel 11 for about 2 weeks and haven't once dropped the signal from either computer. It's all good.

Again, I am new at this so this fix might very well be common sense to all of you, but hey, if you're having this problem and don't know what to so, give it a shot!
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