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hmmmm not quite sure what you're getting at...

If you're doing what i think you're doing (that is ripping a song/adding a song from iTunes, then putting the song in the music folder from the finder window) You are duplicating your music library.

As to how I've got it set up, I don't need ready access to my music files, so I just let iTunes deal with it. iTunes has a folder in your music folder where it puts all your music files sorted by artist and album, if you feel uncomfortable with that particular setup, you can tell itunes to let you organise your own files and it won't make a copy in its own folder.

To do this:

In iTunes, go to the preferences.

In Advanced tab, in general settings, there are several boxes which give you a lot of control over the organisation of your music.

Number 1 will allow you to choose your destination where the music is saved, the path is shown in the box labelled 4.

Check boxes 2 and 3 give more flexibility and your own control, Box 2 will tell itunes to sort it's music into artists and albums where ever the folder path is set, Allowing you to choose your own iTunes music folder, but still allowing you the power of iTunes filing without you having to worry about it. Box 3 is for the duplicates you mentioned. With this box checked, a copy of the song will be made in the library when it comes to downloaded songs. Obviously ripped CDs are different but for songs already on your mac, if this box is unchecked, the music will not be copied into the library folder.

hope this helps


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