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Originally Posted by Thyamine View Post
I don't think anyone suggested it, but you can achieve the same effect without popups. It also depends how much you like playing with HTML/Javascript. Instead of making a new popup window with each mouse over, you could put each large image in its own DIV tag at the bottom of the page and hide them (display: none). Then write a little function in javascript that you can pass a picture name to so that when a visitor moves the mouse over the picture (onMouseOver="javascript: showImage('thisPicture');") it sets the CSS style of the DIV holding the appropriate image to be visible, and sets the positioning to be somewhere in the center of the visible browser window (position: absolute; top: 100px; left 100px; etc etc).

There's a few ways to do it, but that's a simple and quick way. I've done that for a few sites where customers wanted similar functionality. It doesn't require the user to do anything with popups, and you don't have to worry about popup blockers.
Thyamine, that is an excellent suggestion I only have some vague technical understanding of implementation though have read all the terse CSS2 documentation for so understand the basics of what you are relating. Actually for amusement I've implemented a display none function with mouseOver just left of my picture on my homepage. If that takes care of the popup problem while reducing page loading bandwidth for many more images, then someone has already figured out a better solution than the path I've been experimenting with here. ...David
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