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Originally Posted by fudgewang View Post
Please pardon my beginner question:
What are PHP, ASP, Perl etc?
Are they a programing languege used in website writing?
What do I need to learn them? use them?
Thank you so much for your help.

It depends what you are trying to do with the form. PHP, ASP, etc are programming/scripting languages that will allow you to do more complicated things than HTML lets you do by itself. HTML is what the page itself is written in.

Javascript can do a bunch of things, but if you want to email the form, save the form to a database, or other things then you need to look at one of the other languages to process the form. Basically, HTML will make the form look the way you want (textboxes, dropdown lists, checkboxes, etc), even if you are using a drag-and-drop interface, hidden in the background the program is putting HTML on the page to create those fields.

However, once you have the fields on a page, you need to tell the page/webserver what to do when a user clicks on the Submit button or whatever you add. That's where the PHP/ASP comes in.
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