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Originally Posted by DavidS View Post
What you are describing occurs in other browsers too like the IE that I use. In the READme, I explain one needs to open up a browser window that spreads across most of one's desktop width instead of a small window that is say only a few hundred pixels wide in one corner of one's desktop. The reason is I open the top left corner of image windows in one of two specific desktop locations. Those locations and the rest of such an opening windows ought not be where a thumbnail image was mouseover'd. For thumbnails along the left side of my pages, windows will open at 100 pixels below the top of one's desktop and 400 pixels to the right of the left edge. Thus if one opened a small browser window on the desktop say only 500 pixels wide and placed it with its left window edge 400 pixels to the right of the left desktop edge, an opening image window would occur right atop the thumbnail and cause the exact endless open close action you are relating. Thus as my Readme explains place the browser window across the desktop in a more centered way using most of one's desktop width.

Likewise, the thumbnails on the right side open close to the left desktop edge. Thus if one uses a small VGA sized desktop at 640 pixels, my pages would not work and SVGA at 800 pixels wide would be marginal. So one ought to be using at least an XVGA ie 1024 pixel width desktop since my image sizes themselves are 720 pixles wide. ...David
All I'm saying is it's doing what you have programmed it to do. Just because it works how you want it to (not how it's programmed to) in other browsers, doesn't mean it's correct. Sorry, but your site is very poorly designed/programmed. If your potential users have to read a readme in order for your site to work correctly, then you know you have serious issues.
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