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I don't think anyone suggested it, but you can achieve the same effect without popups. It also depends how much you like playing with HTML/Javascript. Instead of making a new popup window with each mouse over, you could put each large image in its own DIV tag at the bottom of the page and hide them (display: none). Then write a little function in javascript that you can pass a picture name to so that when a visitor moves the mouse over the picture (onMouseOver="javascript: showImage('thisPicture');") it sets the CSS style of the DIV holding the appropriate image to be visible, and sets the positioning to be somewhere in the center of the visible browser window (position: absolute; top: 100px; left 100px; etc etc).

There's a few ways to do it, but that's a simple and quick way. I've done that for a few sites where customers wanted similar functionality. It doesn't require the user to do anything with popups, and you don't have to worry about popup blockers.
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