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The next screen asked me 3 more questions...

1) I want to replace an existing base station or wireless router with Time Capsule.
2) I want Time Capsule to wirelessly join my current network
3) I want to connect Time Capsule to my network using Ethernet to extend my current network or create a second network.
First of all - if you've connected it via ethernet you probably aren't trying to make it wirelessly join the network. You're connecting it using ethernet to extend your current network.

As for the WEP password - I don't know which you need - if you take a look at the settings of the router can't you find out or possibly change it to one of the options?

Thirdly - to reset all the settings on the Time Capsule you need to press and hold the small button until the light flashes rapidly, then hold for about 5 more longer before releasing.

I don't really know why you need to connect it to your router - I didn't. I set up a new network because I was having some problems with mine anyway, and threw my old one out the window - gladly!
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