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what's happening (atleast on Safari 3.1 for Mac) is it's behaving exactly as its supposed to (or as you have told it to), with pop-ups turned off it will pop up a pic when browsed over, BUT it then immediately closes that pic doing this over and over until moved off the pic. The reason for this is when I mouse over the pic it pops up another window and brings the focus to that windows and in doing so it takes the focus off the original image thus "mousingOut" and then doing that action (closing the window). Once that window is closed the focus is put back on the original image, thus activating a "mouseOver" and the process repeats endlessly until you move your mouse off the original image. Hopes that makes sense.

So in reality, it looks like only Safari is handling it correctly Which is not a surprise since most browsers are poorly implemented. Try it in the latest Opera and I bet it does the same thing.
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