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I just purchased a new Macbook Pro 17" and a time capsule last week. I connected everything up and did my first back up using an ethernet connection. When the status window pops up it says that there is 23.6 G to back up. then the count down of files, size starts... it goes for about 2 hours and at 16.89 G it stops. It doesn't say there is a problem just that it stops. When you check the size of the time capsule using the Airport Utility it says that the disk size is 19.4 G. I called the apple and talked with the techs three times. On the third time they told me to bring it back to the store and get a new one. I did and just went through the process again... guess what it did the exact same thing. My concern/worry is that it isn't backing up all my stuff for some reason.. maybe it encountered a problem on the new macbook pro.. although there is no error message to that effect. No 'the back up failed'. Is it possible the 23.6 G number in the status window is incorrect and is just an estimate?

thank you.
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