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I recently coded some pages on my website that experimented using mouseOver and mouseOut javascript events to trigger opening and closing images. Someone using the Safari browser reported a problem so I am hoping someone here might confirm what doesn't work if so.

What I did was set up thumbnails at the sides of some pages that when a mouse moves over an image, a mouseover event triggers that then opens up a custom sized javascript window at a specific location on a monitor that contains an image anchored in the imagemap at the thumbnail. And when one moves off the thumbnail, the opened window containing the image closes. The reason for doing so is to reduce the need to load excessive memory for images embedded on pages. Thus instead of having full sized images on a page, I just put thumbnails at the sides that require much less space to load. If a visitor wishes to view the image for a thumbnail, they merely need to move their mouse over that thumbnail that opens up a new custom sized and positioned window and likewise to close the image they merely need to move off the thumbnail. This removes the need to double click the link and later bother to close the window manually.

Apparently what someone using one of the Safari versions said was happening, was mouseOver was working fine but mouseOut was not closing those windows and instead they just stacked up on his display until they manually closed them. Of course that would be a big nuisance thus a serious issue. And I do believe someone said on their system a mouseOver brought up a pointing icon that they then had to manually mouse select in order to have the image window open. However there was no info as to what browser they were using.

Note I am not a Mac user but rather am on a Windows PC running the IE browser. I searched around for some information about what may be going on but only got a zillion search hits, none of which enlightened me if there even is any problem. And note I am a photographer and also a old debug test engineer in the San Jose area.

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thanks for any help folks,
David Senesac
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