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I ordered my 12" iBook from Amazon on 03 Nov and got it on 23 Nov.

As said earlier double check part number as Amazon is selling both older and newer 12" iBook. Older 12" iBook part number starts as M94XXX and newer has number M96xxxx.

Amazon also sells through others like J&R and mail in rebate is not applicable for sale made through others. So check who is shipping your machine. As a chek, if you could get Super Saver shipping option then it is from Amazon for sure.

Amazon packs the machine very well.look how I got it:

1> Original beautiful Apple box. Same as would you get get if buying from Apple Store.
2> This box is then placed in another cardboard box used by Apple factory to ship it to Amazon order fulfilment warehouse (with lots of padding material).
3> This all then placed in one more cardboard box (typical Amazon)

Machines are always brand new, sparkling.
Amazon is pretty safe, honest and Clean. Close your eyes and buy from Amazon. I think they are now giving $100 Rebate still it is a good deal.

I have mailed my Mail In Rebate form and now waiting for those $150 to come (7-8 weeks from the day you post it)
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