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Ok guys,

Here's an idea. I've noticed the iBook has a tendency to get hot at times. Mine can hit 60C+ under the right (or wrong, depending on perspective) conditions. However, the GPU temperature of the Radeon 9200 is always hotter, and ranges between 50C at the low end and 65C under bad conditions. My question is then, since most of us don't use our iBooks for games or intense graphics work, is why do we need our Radeon's to run at the mhz speed that they do? A desktop version of the 9200 runs around 300mhz for both the GPU core and RAM, so I'm assuming the notebook version is around that (perhaps slightly lower). But I don't think we need that kinda of mhz horsepower for the the video card. The sysem would run the exact same at a video GPU and RAM speed of, say, 200mhz, and our iBooks would run both cooler and longer (fewer mhz means both less heat and power consumption).

Now, in the windows world there are many programs to do this kinda of trick, even for notebooks. The program Powerstrip is the best one, though I don't think there is a OS X version (could be wrong though). Does anyone know of a program that lets OS X users adjust their video card settings??
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