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Hello all...

I'm having a sort of dilemma with Time Machine that I'm hoping someone can answer for me.

We just finished the 23hr restore of our Mac Mini with Time Machine; it was a full restore from the Leopard disc.

The restore went smoothly and finished leaving everything exactly as it was before we did the full restore.

However, I noticed that the permissions are not correct for the Macintosh HD (/) root folder.

When I go to the Macintosh HD and do a Get Info, I notice that it says "You have read only privileges" instead of having read/write privileges.

Furthermore, the groups are set up as...

wheel - read/write
system - read/write
everyone - read only

...there is no "admin" account listed.

I checked my Macbook and it has the following listed...

sytem - read/write
admin - read/write
everyone - read only

I run Repair Permissions in the Disk Utility and after a successful run, I notice that the permissions are still off. So, I have some free time and decide to do a full TM restore on my Macbook, and the permissions are now the same as they are on the Mini..

wheel - read/write
system - read/write
everyone - read only

When I try to change the Macintosh HD icon, it will not let me. When I try to add/remove anything from the root folder, I now need to enter a password to do so.

What is wrong w/ Time Machine?

Thanks for your help.



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