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Originally Posted by joec1101 View Post
Vista, definitely. It runs very well on my MBP - no crashes, no BSOD's and all the drivers are right there on the Leopard disk...install is a breeze. Also Vista supports more memory than XP and does look much better than XP. I'm not knocking XP as it is a solid OS that I run on many machines at work, but MS will eventually discontinue support for XP so Vista will outlast it in terms of future support/updates. A year ago I would have said stay away from Vista because it's new and unstable, but that has changed now - it's very stable and SP1 is out now which fixes a lot of issues customers may have had.
Vista does not support more memory than XP.

32 bit operating systems can only address 3gb of ram. 64 bit OS's can support more than that.

32 bit Vista will still only be able to support 3 gigs of ram.

Again, OP: Are you going to be virtualizing Windows or running it in Boot Camp?

Boot Camp - Vista
Virtual - XP
Both - XP
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