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While the MBP's have DX10-capable videocards (8600GT), it's a 'crippled' 128-bit card that is mediocre on performance. If you are considering Vista simply for DX10 gaming you may be disappointed.

It also is a factor of how much disk space you plan to allocate to Windows. Vista is hefty and depending on the version you install it can take up to about 15GB of space just for the initial install. If your Windows partition will be small, this is a serious consideration. XP on the other hand sits in around 5GB.

Aero is nice and all but I feel it's a bit too much in the way. I also think Vista's high overhead is detrimental, especially for things like virtualization (which I dabble in) since the amount of RAM and disk space Vista takes is one less virtual machine I can run.

I'm a fan of XP64, since it gives 64-bit happiness with XP's familiar lower overhead.
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