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I go to the University of Alabama, and they have a public wireless network that you have to put in you student id to connect (it's sort of like a forced homepage), and after you do it once, you may browse the internet. Well, recently, I have noticed that there is no wireless signal from that SSID. I find it odd because i can see the network name if i click the wireless icon in the menu-bar, but i cannot connect. It seems to be only in that building, because i can go out of it (literally, 6 ft) and into it's foyer and have full strength signal. What makes this even more strange is that I have a windows buddy that was sitting right next to me when I was experiencing this, and he had full strength signal...

I'm running a 2.16 BlackBook with 10.5.2 (it's the GMA 950 board)

What could be the cause of this?

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