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Wanted some help. I am new to Macbook and its world. Anyway I bought my friends Macbook which is 10 months old. I have been using it for a few weeks fine and getting used to it. Encountered a few problems though:

1. My friend has a folder under her name 'Sonni'. I renamed the folder under my name 'Darren' which allowed me. However this morning when I turned on the computer it has gone back to her name. I tried to rename it but it said that a folder called 'Darren' already exists. When I search it for I can't find it?? Where has it gone?

2. Also when i turned on computer this morning the desktop had reverted to default. So the music i had downloaded and was saved on desktop has vanished and can not find when I search. Also basically everything on the desktop has gone. The music i had put on Itunes has vanished and it is like I am a brand new user.

So basically HELP!!! How do i revert back to the way it was yesterday.

Maybe I did something last night ,as when i tried to open a picture from an email i got a message saying I had no disk space. So i downloaded an application called 'appcleaner' but didnt really clean out anything major I thought.

Any help appreciated.

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