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Originally Posted by louishen View Post
I have lost track of the amount of time I have answered this question, good that I now have a folder on my drive called common answers

To copy your itunes library to the external drive choose consolidate library from the Advanced Menu. This will copy all your itunes media to the external and link the itunes library file to it

Now if you you keep the Keep Itunes organised and copy to music folder checked in the advanced preferences, new songs will be copies to the external

The music will now be on the external while the library file (the index as it were) will still be in the Users > Music folder of your mac

If you want this library file on the external as well, copy it to the external drive, start itunes with the alt key pressed and you see this screen:

Select the library file you just copied to the external and now both your music and the library are on the external

You can now delete the stuff off your mac

You can also use the choose library dialogue to switch between your large music collection on the external and a smaller music folder on the mac if you wish
Thanks for responding, but I think I may not have been clear enough about what I want, or maybe I am misunderstanding your solution.

I already have my library set up how I want it to be set up. I want to add a ton of music to this library folder. So I've simply copied the files to that library folder. However, if I go to reimport that entire library folder to iTunes, I'm going to lose my playcounts & playlists, is that correct?

I would like a way around that. The file count is too large for me to hunt and peck and manually add only the new ones.

Other music managers have a function that basically monitors your music library folder. Each time it boots up, it checks its library against your hard drive. If songs are in your library, but not your HD, then they will be removed. If new songs appear on your HD, they will be added to the library. However, duplicates will never be added.

Maybe I am just being thick-headed and not understanding how the Mac works?
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