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Originally Posted by juice View Post
So I am still in the process of transferring files from my old PC to my new MacBook Pro. I already have some semblance of an iTunes library that I've already started rating and sorting into playlists.

I've designated my iTunes library to a specific "My Music" folder on an external HD.

Now suppose I add more music (I have a couple thousand to add from my old PC still) to that folder. If I go to iTunes and add music (I forget the technical term, but I think it is apple+O) and add the entire "My Music" folder, what will happen?

Will I get duplicates of songs I've already imported?
Will it overwrite the old songs with new songs and erase playcounts?

Any help is appreciated.
If you go to Preferences>Advanced>General you can choose whether iTunes will make a copy of each imported file into the folder for the library it's 'running off', or if it will just 'point' to an existing file.

iTunes will never overwrite files, persay. You'll just wind up with 2 of the same thing.

In addition, it may be helpful to you to know that you can create new libraries or choose which library you want it to 'run off' by holding down the option button when you open iTunes. I've used this feature to merge/organize libraries before.

Hope that helps.

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