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hmmm, so its 3:46 in the morning and I am being good and waiting for my girlfriend to finish writing her history essay. I found this website, I have been a mac user since I was 7 and they have been a big part of my life, I now study Software Engineering at university and continue to spread the Apple mac goodness to others (I also try to promote Unix and Linux)... i have my own Uni society ( )

Anyways (thats my introduction done, no onto what this post is meant to be about), thats not what this post is about).

Looking around the forums, some interesting stuff, most it all seems to be one question, one answer things that goes on... now I am used to where there are multiple-mass-debates and big conversations about things from Computers to politics to random-stuffs.

I really want to think of a good debate topic, in the realm of macs. So here is my best shot:

If you could change one thing about OS X, what would you change and why? and (optional) what would be your method of changing it.

Now this question should be answered, and people should comment, debate (and if needed - argued).

so, lets go, anwser people....

(From Daniel)
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