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Originally Posted by ecodisk View Post
I'm really tight on money. Only reason I will be able to afford a MacBook is because selling my current desktop will pay for a good chunk of it. A MacBook Pro is really pushing it, so if it wasn't going to make a huge difference I wasn't going to try and get one. Also I can get the Adobe Creative Suite 3 for $500 with my student discount.
You are going to be unhappy with a Base Macbook with 1GB of ram with all of these programs open. Especially if you have itunes, web browser, possibly an FTP client (assuming you don't use dreamweaver's built in ftp which is horrendous), and maybe other programs.

If you are purchasing the extra ram, up to 4GB's to compensate for the slowness, you will be spending quite a bit of money for a tight budget. Not to mention you will be maxing out the expandablity of your computer as soon as you buy it...

I would recommend you sell your computer and then make the jump to the MBP. We all have our opinions, but I hate slowness with computers, and if you aren't a fan either, then I would go for the MBP. Then if you really want you can upgrade you ram in that later if you feel the need have the $$, but you certainly won't need to in the beginning.
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