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Originally Posted by Mac SK View Post
Error code 127 is HFS errors,sounds like your hard drive crashed. Likey cause of
system crashes are extension conflicts and buggy or corrupted software. Good
I cracked open the 9600 .... The inside was already very clean!! I reseated the RAM, took the PRAM battery from my dead 7300 and replaced the dead PRAM battery in the 9600. Installed two HDs from my dead 7300, and added the USB card from the 7300. Also, took the RAM from the 7300 and added to the 9600, so now there should be 584MB of RAM on the 9600.

Put everything together .... Now the 9600 does boot .... One of the previous problems seems to be the CD-ROM ... Not sure, but maybe it is not connected internally correctly? That probably explains why I couldn't boot from any of the CDs!!! I will need to open up the 9600 and change the plug for the CD-ROM to see if that works.

I'm running Disk Warrior from another internal HD (from my original G3 Blue & White, which is dead). Seems to be working ok. I need to figure out how to get the CD-ROM working, so I can try booting up from DiskWarrior, Norton, or TechTool Pro, and run the disk utilities and repairs.

I'd like to get a new, small HD (40-60GB, IDE?) for this 9600, maybe even a new SCSI HD (6-9GB?). Any suggestions??

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