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OK, so Parallels has Cohesion to match VMWare Fusion's Unity mode. That's cool.
If all you are using the Windows OS for is a few business-only, with no need for high-end graphics, I'd suggest going with VMWare or Parallels only, without using Bootcamp. Why? Because you'll waste time rebooting from one side to the other.

If you use Fusion, you can literally drag and drop files from your Windows desktop to your OS-X one. I can't tell you how much more productive I am this way. And I typically have XP on the left screen, OS-X on the right when I am at my desk.

One thing: Just because it's running on Mac hardware doesn't mean XP or Vista is any less vulnerable to malware. Get a good AV for both sides. I'm rapidly becoming a Kaspersky fan, and if they decide to release an OS-X version, I'm so ditching every other one out there.

Good luck!

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