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Hi Guys,

Great site by the way. This is my first post.

I am looking for advice on buying a Mac.

I really really love the look and feel of the 20" Mac and am thinking of purchasing one. However, this is where I need your help. I work in financial advice and all the software I use is windows based only.

I have read loads of stuff about dual boot with Boot Camp so I am fine in that respect but is it possible to go with a complete install of Vista or is the best option to dual boot and give most of the partition to vista? Also which version of vista is best to go with? Business, Enterprise or Ultimate?

I also need to be able to use dual view with a mac cinema display. Is this possible? Will it exactly replicate what is on screen on the mac? And are there any adaptors that would need to be purchased?

A freind of mine has a MacBook booting with XP and has issues with the video out not working under XP. It works perfectly under Lepoard, but in XP it sort of detects the display then disconnects and keeps doing that without actually working. You just keep hearing the windows ping pong noise to indicate the display is connected then immediatly disconnected! Will I have the same problems with the 20" Mac and Vista?

I look forward to some help on these matters and thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Paul Pitchford.
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