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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
Just a bit of advice (learned the hard way from someone who used to hide his SSID)...

Hiding the SSID is a bad idea on Macs to begin with. For whatever reason, the Airport drivers just don't deal well when there are other WAPs present and the one you want to connect to is hidden.

Hiding your SSID provides no additional security whatsoever. A simple scan with a decent sniffer will still yield your SSID. You're only making your wireless card work that much harder to maintain a connection. This has a direct impact on range and speed of connection.

I would strongly recommend broadcasting SSID and switching over to WPA2 if available and you haven't already done so (plain WPA is fine too).

Any hacker who is smart enough to break encryption, is going to chuckle heartily at a hidden SSID.
If there is one thing I have long learned in this business, is to take good advise when given...

SSID - broadcasting again.
WEP is toast
WPA is enabled.


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